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COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies

Staff Wellness

We encourage employees who are sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home.

Employees will complete a health screening when they arrive for each shift.

Mask & Face Coverings

All employees will wear masks or face coverings in accordance with CDC recommendations.


Hand Washing & Gloves

Employees are encouraged to frequently wash their hands when gloves are not in use.

Disposable gloves are provided to employees for cleaning or when handling

commonly touched items; they are instructed to dispose of gloves between uses.


Frequent Cleaning

We allot time between reservations to thoroughly clean surfaces, especially in high traffic

areas. Glassware is sanitized based on CDC recommendations.


Social Distancing

We have plenty of outdoor space at Nella Terra. Tasting areas are configured to be 6 feet or more from one another.

What We Ask of You

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Make a Reservation

Please make a reservation in advance.

No more than 6 guests per table.

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Wear a Mask

Please wear a mask or face covering upon arrival or when away from your table.

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Maintain 6 ft Distance

Please maintain at least 6 feet distance

from all guests when not seated with your party.

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